CCP is open 7 days per week, track availability every week by the hour or by the day! Please call!

Enthusiast Driver Development:
Your Car in Phoenix: $500 per hour. Each driver has their own CCP coach, or if there is one CCP coach for two to three drivers, the price is $300.00 per hour. Includes track and coaching. Call for rates involving travel/coaching at other tracks.  CCP has cars for rent.

Professional Driver Development:
CCP Stock Car or Trans Am TA 2 car provided, fuel, new set of tires, crew, private track (Phoenix), 1 on 1 private-professional coaching by Chris Cook.

  • Half Day: $5,500.00
  • 1 Day: $10,000.00

Please call for rates involving travel to a specific track(s) outside of the CCP East Track location in Chandler, AZ. Note: Chris Cook will travel to any track you wish and he can provide an all inclusive program with his cars or other types of cars. Example: Sonoma, Watkins Glen, Mid Ohio, Road America, etc. Pricing will vary depending on the car choice(s). This is designed for professional racers and serious enthusiasts.

Tactical Driving:
This program varies in pricing from $2,500.00 per half day to $5,000 per driver for a full day. The intense focus of this program is to build on all aspects of extreme car control, braking, shifting, high speed line technique, forward and reverse 180’s performed/executed at speed, forward 180 in/180 out skids and forward 360’s. Ultimately CCP is preparing each driver to avoid becoming a liability, therefore with excellent control/execution/no mistakes/discipline, the result is a win! Please call Chris Cook directly to discuss the details: how many drivers, how many days.

Travel to Tracks:
CCP has a 3 car-racing hauler that can haul your car(s) to another favorite track upon your request. CCP/Chris Cook can set up all of the details, making every program a seamless-professional experience. Call for custom pricing.