Driver Membership

CHRIS COOK PERFORMANCE Exclusive Track Membership/ 1 Month $2,500.00 for 6 set track days and open track time/all day. Limited to 30 members per month. 602-363-9529 Chris Cook Performance

Chris Cook Performance located at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park/East Track: Membership Details/Perfect for the enthusiast and racer to stay sharp behind the wheel by gaining consistent seat time/track time multiple days per month! Hosted by Chris Cook Performance located at East Track, Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park. (20 minutes from Sky Harbor Airport!) Chandler, AZ (602-363-9529 Chris Cook Performance)

  1. Based on a total of 6 days per month starting in November 2017. Each member receives 6 scheduled days of quality-uninterrupted track time.
  2. The specific membership days will be posted on the CCP calendar of events.
  3. Chris Cook Performance will cap the maximum number of memberships to 30 per month in order to maintain quality, uninterrupted track time!
  4. Each membership is based on one individual at $2,500.00 per month. EACH TRACK DAY IS ALL DAY: 8am to 4pm with a one-hour lunch.
  5. If a member would like to invite a nonmember and there are less than 30 entrants for “that” track day, then that nonmember will pay $550.00.
  6. CCP will host each member day and staff each member day. Refreshments are supplied by CCP: bottled water, fruit and energy bars.
  7. CCP will clean track prior to each member day and clean track after each member day.
  8. Each member has access to the CCP shop: restroom, lounge, gear/changing room, mechanical-hydraulic lift, car storage, gear storage.
  9. Each member receives a track introduction by a CCP driver.
  • CCP member days are typically from 8am to 4pm and no more than two run groups. The focus is quality track time.
  • CCP can supply helmets upon request.
  • CCP will offer a private members room/lounge to enjoy pre/post driving: videos, TV, sports etc.
  • No convertibles are allowed, all well maintained sports cars/exotics/race cars are allowed. CCP will tech each car for safety: tires, wheel lugs are tight, seat belts function, airbags are off if apply.
  • No DBA sound issues.
  • No refunds on memberships.
  • Car storage is available for $400.00 per month.
  • CCP has a full mechanical shop, fabrication, tire mounting/changing: shop rate is $50.00 to $100.00 per hour. All members have access to air and water, no fees at all for simple mechanical assistance etc.

Chris Cook Performance is thrilled to offer this very unique membership for those drivers that wish to get on track every month and gain quality track time. Please contact me directly with any questions, and thank you!

Chris Cook
Chris Cook Performance/602-363-9529